Paint The Town Red

Dale will be in Workington as part of the Raynet support to paint the town red. He has offered some space for any club members who wish to do so, use the tent for a club stand / station.

If you’d like to help the set up will be from 8am on Saturday 4th June in Vulcan Park. He needs to know is what you’ll be doing so he can sound knowledgeable. Attached is a brochure of the event and here’s a link to the Facebook page

Paint Town Red Brochure

Meeting 9th May

The next meeting on the 9th May will have the SatNOGS contraption being demonstrated. With a fair wind we will be able to interface with the website and dive the rotator through the internet, schedule a pass and generally understand a little ore about how to view not just the amateur radio satellites but also some of the other bodies orbiting the earth

We will also potentially have Paul Fleck, VE3HTF dropping by if he’s allowed out. You may remember Paul from a few years ago when he visited previously the club. Paul is a member of the Hamilton radio club but also has links with family in Workington.

Don’t forget the net on Sunday @11:00 hrs and the Thursday night natter on GB3DG @ 19:30 hrs and this weeks UKAC contest is 70cms

SatNOGS successfully tracking

There have been a few teething issues that needed ironing out with the SatNOGS project. An issue with the client software was proving a little hard to track down but eventually resolved with ownership and ability to ready from root owned files looked like it was the culprit. After a fresh Jessie install was done on the Raspberry Pi and a rebuild of the new software both the client and Kal worked (after a chmod & chown) . The only thing left to do was schedule an observation without antenna’s to confirm it would track.

Good News!

The rotator followed the ISS as hoped, so I happy to report the system is ready for tidying up, the electronics being boxed up and it being sited at the museum.

SatNOGS Track Test

Intermediate Exams

We are looking at running an Intermediate exam at the Helena Thompson Museum on the 6th June. If you’d like to sit the exam with us then fill in the contact form below and give us your details. We’ll need a form and a cheque from you for the exam fees no later than the 6th May so we can be assured there is enough time to get the papers sorted with the RSGB. No form and cheque means no exam I’m afraid.

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How to pay for your exam – A place for learning and self assessment

VHF Contesting

Andrew, G4VFL is our king of contesting. He will be giving you the low down on the UKAC contest series as well as the benefit of his years of experience in setting up and operating portable. We’ll have a quick talk and a long natter as he goes through the in’s and out’s of his station, how and more importantly where to set it up. We’ll also be covering what you can do to help the club on a Tuesday night.

Presentation night – APRS

The next meeting (14th March) there will be a presentation on APRS – Automatic Position Reporting System. We’ll look at the basics of APRS with both transceivers and with computers. There will be a live attempt to configure a rig and PC to act as an iGate so bring along the biscuits and grab a comfy chair first.