Raspberry PiGate Presentation

Next meeting, 20th June, will have a short presentation and Q&A session on the Raspberry Pi and RTL-SDR dongle based APRS iGate that now resides at the club. It is a chance to understand how to use the versatile and cheap RTL-SDR dongle and that Raspberry Pi gathering dust in the corner of your shack as an APRS iGate.

The MX0WRC iGate can be seen on APRS.fi and was set up using the direwolf software and was easy enough to do. There is plenty of scope to hook one up to an existing 2m rig, develop your own digipeater or even listen out for the ISS as it passes over.

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A reminder that the VHF National Field Day will be running from Saturday 2nd to Sunday 3rd July. Andrew, G4VFL is once again in charge of events and this year will see us enter into the 23cms category.

We will, as always, need volunteers to help set up on Saturday (nominally early afternoon), to help with the operating of the station during the contest and again to help take everything down again on the Sunday. If you can spare a couple of hours on the top of Corney Fell then please come along and help out. Better still let Andrew know what you’d like to be involved with and I’m sure he can find a way to accommodate what you’re after.


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Paint The Town Red

Dale will be in Workington as part of the Raynet support to paint the town red. He has offered some space for any club members who wish to do so, use the tent for a club stand / station.

If you’d like to help the set up will be from 8am on Saturday 4th June in Vulcan Park. He needs to know is what you’ll be doing so he can sound knowledgeable. Attached is a brochure of the event and here’s a link to the Facebook page

Paint Town Red Brochure

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Local scouts event

Don’t forget we’re supporting the local scouts at Ennerdale on the 3oth April. We’ll be setting up a simple HF station and using the pmr hand helds as well as a PC with some CW software to entertain cubs and beavers. Set up will be on the Friday evening at the camp group. Here’s a map to the location

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VHF Contesting

Andrew, G4VFL is our king of contesting. He will be giving you the low down on the UKAC contest series as well as the benefit of his years of experience in setting up and operating portable. We’ll have a quick talk and a long natter as he goes through the in’s and out’s of his station, how and more importantly where to set it up. We’ll also be covering what you can do to help the club on a Tuesday night.

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Presentation night – APRS

The next meeting (14th March) there will be a presentation on APRS – Automatic Position Reporting System. We’ll look at the basics of APRS with both transceivers and with computers. There will be a live attempt to configure a rig and PC to act as an iGate so bring along the biscuits and grab a comfy chair first.

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Foundation training

The clubs latest foundation training weekend will be, once again, held at the Dales in Maryport. We’ve chosen the weekend of the 24th and 25th October as the most sensible date with the exam the following Monday (26th) at the club.

If you’d like to get involved with amateur radio in West Cumbria then take this opportunity and come along and get your licence. Use the contact form here to register your interest

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