Outcome of EGM

Minutes of the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Workington & District Amateur Radio & IT Group

Helena Thompson Museum, Park End Road, Workington

Monday 22nd January 2018 at 7:15PM

Tony Steel, John Bracegirdle (JB), Derek Edge, Stephen Palmer, Peter Webster, Skip Meekins, Lee Stamper, Andrew Holland(AH), Steve Topping (ST)
Proxy vote, Kevin Mathews via Lee Stamper

Agenda Items

1. Welcome by temporary meeting Chair

ST welcomed everyone to the meeting and asked those in attendance if there was any objection to him acting as temporary Chair until item 2 and 3 had been covered. No objections raised so ST continued with opening comments regarding the history and successes of the Club.
Other in attendance also commented on the successes to date and a general consensus that all wanted to see the Club continue and proposer on the future.

2. Decision on the Clubs Future

A vote was then undertaken regarding the main proposal
a. That the Club should continue to operate with the formation of a new Club committee. Votes in favour = 10
b. That the Club should be wound up as per section 11 of the constitution (amended 2003) Votes in favour = 0
It was therefore agreed unanimously that proposal a. would be carried and agenda item 3 should progress

3. Nomination and election of committee members

A discussion regarding the number and type of committee roles was undertaken and agreed that at this stage that the club would elect three members to form the committee namely a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. The Secretary would act also as deputy Chair when necessary.

Position Nominated Nominated by Seconded For Against
Chairman Steve Topping Peter Webster Lee Stamper 8 0
Secretary John Bracegirdle Peter Webster Skip Meekins 8 0
Treasurer Andrew Holland Stephen Palmer Tony steel 8 0

ST, JB and AH were therefore duly charged to form the new committee on behalf of the club, all accepted their nominated positions.
As a result actions would be necessary by the outgoing Treasurer, SM, to make arrangements for transfer of authorised signatories to the clubs bank account.

It was resolved that a banking relationship will be maintained with National Westminster Bank Plc (the Bank) in accordance with this mandate and that:
• The individuals identified as authorised signatories may, in accordance with the signing rules, sign cheques and give instructions for Standing Orders, Direct Debits, Electronic Payments, Banker’s Drafts and other payments on the accounts even if it causes an account to be overdrawn or exceed any limit.
• Any authorised signatory may give other instructions or requests for information to the Bank in relation to the accounts; opening accounts with the same signing rules and authorised signatories; closing accounts; or other banking services or products.
• The Bank may accept instructions that do not have an original written authorised signature provided the Bank is satisfied that the instruction is genuine and subject to any other agreement the Bank may require for those instructions.
• The organisation will provide to the Bank a copy of its constitution and any amendment to the constitution, certified as correct by the Secretary.
• This mandate will continue until the organisation gives the Bank a replacement mandate.

ST also noted that he intended to call a further EGM in the future to propose an update to the constitution as elements had become outdated and it had last been reviewed in 2003

4. Meeting Close

ST closed the meeting and thanked everyone for their attendance noting that a further club meeting would now be arranged for Monday 5th Feb at the Vets Club in Workington to discuss details of the club future.

Steve Topping & John Bracegirdle