Meeting of 5th Feburary

Workington Veterans’ Club, Christian Street
Monday 5th February 2018

11 in attendance

1. ) Cost of Annual Membership
The club was reported to be in a healthy financial position with cash in the bank and few financial commitments.

Three proposals for membership costs were voted on. Firstly the previous cost of £30 per member was proposed by Steve Topping and seconded by Andrew Holland, it received 4 votes. A second proposal of £30 per member was proposed by Reg Irving and seconded by Skip Meekins, it received 6 votes. A third proposal of £30 per member reduced to £20 for retired members was proposed by Stephen Palmer and seconded by Tony Steel. The second proposal of £20 per year was adopted.

The club’s financial year runs from 1 September to 31 August as stated in the constitution. As we are already part way through the year Steve Topping suggested the membership cost be halved to £10 for the remained of the year to 31 August. This suggestion was adopted unopposed.

A discussion of the cost of each meeting was agreed to be £3 per member, to cover the costs of the venue.

2.) Dates of Club Meetings

Two proposals for club meeting dates were proposed. Firstly that the club continues to meet every fortnight proposed by Tony Steel and seconded by John Bracegirdle, this received 1 vote. Secondly that the club meets on the first and third week of every month proposed by Skip Meekins and seconded by Steve Topping, this received 10 votes and was adopted.

A discussion about the day of the week meetings should be concluded Wednesdays was the prefered day.

3.) Club Location

The location of the club has not been finalised yet. The Harrington Scout hut, and the Workington Veterans’ Club have been visited so far. The Harrington Scout hut is available on Thursdays and Fridays and offered storage space, WiFi, and potential for installing wire aerials.

The Moorclose Community Centre was decided to be the location for our next meeting on Monday 19 February. The community centre is on the site of the Workington 6th Form site. It offers different rooms at a range of prices with WiFi, secure storage, is available any day of the week, and has the potential for installing wire aerials. The community centre is located on Needham Drive, CA14 3SE using the second entrance after the Moorclose Library.

4.) Club Membership

John Bracegirdle was tasked with creating a membership form so the membership list for 2018 can be created. Those who would like to be member of the club are asked to bring £10 to the next meeting at Moorclose Community Centre on Monday 19 February.


Meeting 9th May

The next meeting on the 9th May will have the SatNOGS contraption being demonstrated. With a fair wind we will be able to interface with the website and dive the rotator through the internet, schedule a pass and generally understand a little ore about how to view not just the amateur radio satellites but also some of the other bodies orbiting the earth

We will also potentially have Paul Fleck, VE3HTF dropping by if he’s allowed out. You may remember Paul from a few years ago when he visited previously the club. Paul is a member of the Hamilton radio club but also has links with family in Workington.

Don’t forget the net on Sunday @11:00 hrs and the Thursday night natter on GB3DG @ 19:30 hrs and this weeks UKAC contest is 70cms