VHF National Field Day Sat 1st and Sun 2nd July 2017

We will listen on the 2m FM calling channel 145.500MHz.

Key times

Sat 10am Local setup
Sat 15:00 Local Contest start (6m and 23cm until 23:00 local)
Sun 09:00 Local 4m start, finish contest 15:00 local
Sun 15:00 Local Start pack up, finish 17:00


The Met office shows a good day 15oC for Saturday and Sunday.

Location for the club contest site.

Club NFD Location

This is just on the roadside so there is no hiking up mountains or getting bogged down in the  mud. Corney Fell, this is not the top car park, descend towards Broughton in Furness and you will go over a little rise with a better take off to the South.
We have permission to use the site, the only rules from NT are:

  • No rubbish, use the bin provided.
  • No churning up the ground with cars

The planned setup time is 10am to allow for a few problems we hope not to have.
The main task that needs people is to setup the antennas. It can be done with two but 3 – 4 is a lot easier and we will not have to depend on no wind etc.
The rest of the setup should be easy. Power will be from a generator with a fall back to batteries.
There is adequate car parking and because if the weather has been dry for some time parking off the road should be OK.


Please come and have a go, just because you didn’t set up don’t feel guilty that you will just come to operate. The logging will be paper with a computer backup so it will be simple.
We can only transmit on one transmitter at a time and must not exceed 16 hours. With 23cm there won’t be any night time activity so we will close for the night. So there will have to be a shutdown in the night; not that there are any stations to work.
I use the site for the UKAC contests and it is generally noise free apart from the odd car. So unless it rains when we will get static noise it is an easy site to operate from. So don’t have any fear that you will be struggling to read the stations.

Turn up and have a go.

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