After a bit of tinkering around the WebSDR is now undergoing a bit of testing. The set up is a Cross Country Wireless SDR4+ and active antenna connected to a Raspberry Pi that is running a server. This will send the data from the RPi to the Web address we’ve given it (mx0wrc.ddns.net) as it is a static IP and to the main WebSDR webpage

WebSDR 1

At the time of writing there are 163 servers. Ours is number 163!

The band we have chosen is the 10m band and the bandwidth allows us to share the psk section as well as a bit of the ssb section. This may change as we have access to more than just the 10m band but currently just the one. When you click on the link it will take you to the standard WebSDR screen which will look a little bit like this.

WebSDR 2

If any of the members or readers have a spare 19 inch rack that is going free to a worthwhile cause then we’d be happy to use it for our web experiments. I hope you enjoy using it and as always feedback is welcome

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