The Radio Society of Great Britain has determined that the way into Amateur radio transmitting is through a series of 3 levels. Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced. These build on each other and will help you to gain confidence and experience as you get to grips with the sometimes complex world of radio. We can help you through each of these steps although you don’t have to sit more than you want. If you get to foundation level and you find that this is your level then you need not take it any further. The further you get through the programme the greater the privileges and the responsibility. All exams can be sat at the Helena Thompson Museum.

Foundation License Courses

The foundation license starts you off with amateur radio. It provides a simple introduction to the basic requirements needed to get on the air. We can help you learn all the required information and prepare you for the exam. The exam is a set of 25 multiple choice questions over 45 minutes. We then mark the paper there and then and you get the results very quickly.

Intermediate License Courses

The intermediate license builds on the foundation license by affording greater privileges and responsibility. The course is again delivered through the club and looks at both practical skills with electronics and more in depth theory and operating practices. The assessment considers both of these aspects with the practical assessment usually in the form of a project or homebrew electronics based kit. The candidate can demonstrate skills with a soldering iron and an understanding of components in the circuit. The exam is again multiple choice, however this time it is 45 questions sat over 1 1/4 hours. As with the foundation course the paper is marked there and then by the invigilator.

Advanced License Courses

The final rung is the advanced license. This entitles you to full legal power at 400w and the ability to operate from a number of different countries around the world. As you can image this course builds on the foundation and intermediate course and is entirely theory based. The exam consists of 62 multiple choice questions sat over 2 hours. The paper is then sent to external assessors who will give you the results in 28 days. This course is tough and requires a lot of commitment but the rewards are visible.

Further information from the RSGB can be found here.

Amateur radio examination fees payable to the RSGB are currently (Jan 2012)
Foundation Exam = £27.50 Intermediate Exam = £32.50 Advanced Exam = £37.50.

Weekend courses for Intermediate and Foundation normally have an additional fee of approx £30 per candidate to cover room hire and refreshments. There is no charge for the tuition itself but we do have to pay for rental of the room.

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